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Strategic Legal Representation For Every Step In Your Business Life Cycle

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you can benefit from the guidance of an experienced business law attorney. At Higey Law LLC in Birmingham, lawyer Todd Higey has 25 years of experience assisting businesses big and small with a wide range of legal concerns, from business formation to dissolution.

Attorney Higey has valuable experience working as an in-house legal adviser and general counsel for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-regulated businesses. He has 10 years of experience representing multimillion-dollar businesses, so you can rely on his firsthand experience to provide you with strategic legal counsel. He understands the amount of blood, sweat and tears that business founders and owners put into their entities. At Higey Law LLC, he will work tirelessly to protect your business and help you meet your goals.

Valuable Legal Support For A Variety Of Business Needs

From starting a new business to requiring assistance with risk management, you need an attorney you can trust to provide strategic guidance and representation. Mr. Higey can help you and your business meet your goals and protect your interests.

He can assist you with a variety of business concerns throughout the life cycle of your business, including:

As a business owner, you are busy enough without worrying about complex contracts or FCRA compliance. Working with an experienced business lawyer can help alleviate some of the burden by taking over legal responsibilities and streamlining certain processes. If you face a business dispute, attorney Higey has valuable litigation and negotiation experience and will fight for your best interests.

Get Help With Your Business-Related Legal Concerns Today

Whether your business is just starting or you need help with corporate housekeeping, attorney Higey can help you. Since 1998, Alabama businesses have trusted him to provide strategic representation and legal guidance. To schedule a consultation at his Birmingham office, call 205-623-4774 or complete his online contact form to get in touch.