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Do you have a Ring camera in your home?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Fair Credit Reporting Act

I’ll cut straight to the allegations ~

  1. Every employee of Ring and its Ukraine-based third-party contractor had access to every Ring customer’s videos. For cameras outside and inside the home.
  2. Between June and August of 2017, a Ring employee viewed thousands of records belonging to 81 unique female customers or fellow employees.
  3. Bad actors compromised the accounts of approximately 55,000 U.S. customers.
  4. Hackers took control of five hundred in-home devices (cameras) and ~
  • Cursed at women lying in bed;
  • Uttered racist slurs at children;
  • Sexually propositioned a teenager;
  • Sexually propositioned and physically threatened an 87-year old woman living in an assisted living facility;
  • Told a woman that they had killed her mother, saying, “Tonight you die;”
  • Threatened a family with physical harm if they did not pay a ransom in Bitcoin; and
  • Told a woman that her location was being tracked and her device would self-destruct at the end of their countdown.

These are the allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission in its Complaint filed today against Ring LLC, a company that sells Internet-connected, video-enabled security cameras, doorbells, and related accessories to consumers. Since 2016, Ring has sold more than a million indoor cameras.

The FTC also filed a Proposed Stipulated Order signed by the FTC and Ring according to which Ring has agreed to pay a $5.8 million financial settlement, delete certain videos, and implement a “comprehensive privacy and security program.”

Ring neither admits nor denies the allegations.

Y’all be careful with technology in your home, folks.


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