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Helping Your Organization Stay Ahead Of FCRA Regulations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects information assembled and evaluated by consumer reporting agencies. If you own a business that must comply with FCRA regulations, attorney Todd Higey has the experience and firsthand knowledge to help keep your entity protected.

Since 2014, he has worked with numerous consumer reporting agencies, providing valuable counsel and guidance on FCRA compliance and related concerns. With his previous experience as an in-house legal adviser and general counsel for multimillion-dollar businesses, attorney Higey will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and ensure that your business complies with FCRA regulations.

Creating Compliance Frameworks To Protect Your Business

If your business hires employees and you look at consumer reports when making hiring decisions, then you must follow FCRA regulations. Specifically, whenever you obtain background information from a third-party reporting agency, there are certain duties you must follow.

Mr. Higey can help with a variety of concerns that FCRA-regulated businesses face, including:

  • Compliance assessments and advice
  • Compliance templates
  • Search and reporting protocols
  • Service agreements
  • Defense of FCRA suits

At Higey Law LLC, he advises businesses on how to manage sensitive information to avoid serious consequences. Setting up a compliance framework to prevent problems before they happen is often the best way to ensure that your organization is in FCRA compliance.

Attorney Higey can assist you with creating compliance templates, search and reporting protocols and service agreements to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. As an experienced litigator and negotiator, he can also defend you in FCRA violation lawsuits.

Get Valuable Compliance Guidance Today

Since 2014, businesses have trusted Mr. Higey to create clear compliance plans that protect them against FCRA violations and the damaging consequences that can follow. Getting ahead of the FCRA requirements can help you prevent problems in the future, saving you valuable time, money and stress on your organization. To schedule a consultation with an experienced FCRA compliance lawyer, call 205-623-4774, or complete an online contact form to get in touch.

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